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Tahiti Blog

Tahiti Blog

Top 10 Activities To Do in Tahiti

Tahiti is the perfect paradise everyone is dreaming of. A lot of couples often choose the islands to spend a romantic honeymoon or holiday vacation. Explore endless possibilities from the moment you land your feet on the blistering white sand.

1. Shopping at a 155-year old market

Tahiti Travel Connection - Papeete market

Le Marché is a local market in Papeete filled with local-made crafts, vanilla, fruits, souvenir items and more. You can also get a tattoo to remember this unique experience in Tahiti. Open daily from 5am – 6pm except holidays.

2. Feed Sharks and Stingrays

Tahiti Travel Connection - activity - sharks and stingrays

Feed these fascinating sea creatures. You can go to a shallow lagoon and play with the wonderful rays.

3. Take a 4 x 4 Tour of Moorea

Tahiti Travel Connection - 4x4 tour

Take an exciting safari expedition via 4 x 4 vehicles. Drive inside the volcanic crater and visit local plantations that plant vanilla, bananas, grapefruits, lemons, among others.

4. Go Scuba Diving

Tahiti Travel Connection - activity - scuba diving

Whether a beginner or an experienced diver, diving clubs in Tahiti are fully qualified recognized, so you’ll be safe in underwater spots throughout Tahiti.

5. Visit the Black Pearl Museum

Tahiti Travel Connection - black pearl

The Black Pearl Museum, established by local entrepreneur Robert Wan, is home to a 26mm baroque-shaped Tahitian Silver pearl.

6. Discover the Arahoho Blowhole

This blowhole is a unique roadside attraction along the coast. Water goes into a cavern and finally shoots out water through the hole in the rocks, drenching curious onlookers.

7. Horseback Riding

Tahiti Travel Connection - activity - horseback riding

Try horseback riding and stride across the beach with its blue, shallow waters.

8. Visit a marae

A marae is a sacred place among Polynesians, made up of stone and some of it are still maintained in Cook Islands.

9. Visit Point Venus

This is where Captain James Cook first observed the passage of planet Venus in 1769. Now stands in Point Venus at the lighthouse and if you are lucky you will see dolphins playing in the water.

10. Eat Poisson Cru

Poisson Cru is an exotic national dish made of raw fish (like tuna) marinated in lime juice, diced vegetables and coconut milk. The cuisine is mostly found in restaurants.

Other activities include lagoon excursions, visiting the Tomb of Queen Pomare V and Royal Family, Maraa Fern Grotto and surfing sites at Teahupoo, Papara and Taapuna.


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