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Tahiti Blog

Tahiti Blog

5 Reasons To Go To Tahiti

The French know a thing or two about living the good life; champagne and pastries, cheese and wine, Paris and Provence. It is not surprising therefore that they chose The Islands of Tahiti as their South Pacific colony in 1880.

Here are the five reasons we at Tahiti Travel Connection think you should follow in the footsteps of the French…

  1. Breathtaking and diverse scenery - First things first. What is often simply referred to as Tahiti is actually five groups of islands known as French Polynesia, officially still part of France. Diversity is an adjective that comes to mind when describing the French territory. Whilst Tahiti and Moorea are made up of volcanic mountains embellished with lush rainforests, Tikehau – part of the flat Tuamotu islands – is a pink-sand atoll which encircles a huge lagoon. Then there is Bora Bora. With its mesmerising lagoon and dramatic Mount Otenamu at its centre, she is often described as the most striking of the South Pacific islands. These are just a few examples of the scenery that awaits you in French Polynesia. Be sure to get a window set on the plane and have your camera ready: views are simply awe-inspiring as you come in to land.
  2. Marine adventures - Although there is no shame in spending hours staring out at nature’s creations here, we would urge you to explore the fascinating marine life that surrounds you in French Polynesia. Boat trips take swimmers and snorkelers to both shallow and deep clear waters to meet with rays, sharks and tropical fish. Expect your heart rate to soar when dozens of sharks surround you but rest assured, reef sharks are harmless. There is always the possibility of watching from the safety of the boat for those are not feeling so brave! Shark and snorkelling excursions are available on almost every island but fill up quickly so do book in advance through to guarantee a spot. For water sport enthusiasts, jet skiing is another thrilling way to explore the lagoon of Tahiti. Whizz through the brightest and purest shades of blue and feel an immense sense of freedom.Take a look at our exciting range of lagoon activities here.
  3. Unrivalled accommodation - Thanks to our partnership with a number of properties in French Polynesia, we have had the amazing opportunity to experience some of the territory’s most unique and stunning hotels and resorts. We love the variety there is with accommodation: from ultra-luxury overwater bungalows (some with their own private plunge pools overlooking the lagoon!) to authentic family-run pensions (perfect for those who want more of a local experience). No matter what budget you are on, we are confident that we can find you the holiday you are after!If cruising floats your boat, we also offer some unique experiences in the field. The Aranui 5 cruise is a total immersion into French-Polynesian culture with 14 days on-board a cargo ship up to the Marquesas Islands, where Paul Gauguin now rests. Small-ship sailing with Windstar Cruises and Paul Gauguin Cruises are available too.
  4. Gourmet delights - An important bonus of being a French Overseas Territory is that French Polynesia has a very high standard of cuisine, and an interesting one too. Blending tropical ingredients with classic French recipes and style, Tahitian dining is one to die for! Many Tahiti Travel Connection packages offer a daily buffet breakfast so take advantage of it. Start your day with light and fluffy pastries, fresh French bread, a classic continental dish or even raw fish. More of a lunch or dinner choice, it is locally known as poisson cru. You will find hundreds of variations of the dish, the most common made up of raw tuna marinated in lime juice, creamy coconut milk and onions. We are also big fans of mahi-mahi cooked in a vanilla cream sauce and the incredible choice of fresh fruit.All the resorts and hotels in our collection have on-site restaurants but you may want to plan ahead and pick one of our delightful gastronomic experiences for one or two meals.If you really want to mix with the locals, there is no better place than the port of Papeete every evening. The whole town gathers around an array of varied food trucks (roulottes) cooking up delights such as poisson cru, crêpes or even Chinese food. The convivial ambiance makes this one of the most authentic experiences in Tahiti.
  5. Value-packed holiday deals - Lucky for you, Tahiti is currently on sale! Book before 30 November 2017 and you could save up to $5,000 per couple on a holiday package to the Islands of Tahiti.

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