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Tahiti Blog

Tahiti Blog

  • Tahiti’s Overwater Bungalows & the Bali Hai Boys

    Imagine Tahiti—emerald peaks rising from vividly blue waters, islets ringed by immaculate white sand—and you’ll find it’s quite impossible to do so without throwing an overwater bungalow or two into the picture. The image of the thatched huts extending over dazzling turquoise waters has become the default p... Read More »

  • Meet the Queen: 6 Things to See & Do in Tahiti

    The island of Tahiti is often overlooked in favour of Bora Bora and Moorea by those travelling to French Polynesia, but what escapes a lot of people is that to skip it is to miss a lot. With its lush valleys, soaring peaks, mighty waves and vibrant local scene, Tahiti is the heart of French Polynesia, and there’s n... Read More »

  • Discover the Lesser-Known Islands of Tahiti

    Tahiti is synonymous with all the islands in the French Polynesian region, particularly Bora Bora with its famously picturesque lagoon and dreamy overwater bungalows. Bora Bora often receives all the glory when it comes to Tahiti, but delightful French Polynesia has so, so much more to offer. While the islands of Fr... Read More »

  • Haere Tatou! 2018 Must-See Tahitian Festivals & Events

    The Islands of Tahiti have a rich, colourful history. From migrating Polynesians around 500BC, European explorers of the 16th century, to finally becoming what the world know as French Polynesia today, the Islands’ long history is distilled in the vibrant culture people who travel to Tahiti are bound to notice. The d... Read More »

  • Beyond Beaches & Bungalows: Tahiti's Great Outdoors

    Tahiti. That word alone is enough to conjure images of a tropical paradise marked by sugary white beaches, swaying palm trees and impossibly blue waters basking in the heat of the summer sun. Chances are people who plan to travel to Tahiti are lured in by the islands’ world-famous beaches, vivid turquoise waters an... Read More »

  • 5 Reasons To Go To Tahiti

    The French know a thing or two about living the good life; champagne and pastries, cheese and wine, Paris and Provence. It is not surprising therefore that they chose The Islands of Tahiti as their South Pacific colony in 1880. Here are the five reasons we at Tahiti Travel Connection think you should follow in the foo... Read More »

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