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Tina Heyer - Sales Manager

Tina came to TTC with a wealth of experience in worldwide travel for 20 years now. She has been visiting and selling the Pacific destinations for many years. She knows what’s out there and agrees that we sell the best destination of all - a very unbiased opinion of course! Tina’s passionate and enthusiastic personality is appreciated by all and she loves going the extra mile for clients, helping to make their dreams come true just as hers did the first time she visited Tahiti.

Why do you think Tahiti is such a unique destination?  There is so much more to Tahiti than meets the eye – each island has its own charm and beauty. From young, volcanic & mountainous islands standing tall with deep, dark water surrounding them, to older volcanic islands so far beneath the sea all that's left is a ring of islets with a gorgeous lagoon in the centre, making for perfect snorkelling and diving. You will lose count of the different colours of blue in the lagoons, and different species of sea life, including the friendly sharks! There really is something special, and in a way magical, about the islands of Tahiti.

What is your favourite island and why?  If I had to pick, it would be Moorea - I love the lush green mountainous landscape of Moorea and the fact that there is SO much to do! I love being able to relax in a hammock on the beach or hire a bike and cycle around, go quad biking up to Magic Mountain which offers spectacular views, swim with sharks & rays and finish off the day at one of the many local restaurants with a Hinano beer!

Describe a “wow” moment you have had in Tahiti.  The one that stands out for me, and I remember it vividly, is arriving in Bora Bora for the first time and seeing the magnificent colours of the lagoon... and that was just at the airport!! Pictures just don’t do it justice! Try to get a seat on the left side of the aircraft by the window and judge for yourself!

Why do you love selling Tahiti?  I have not only seen the resorts throughout Tahiti but have also experienced many activities on offer and I love sharing my first-hand experiences with others to help create their own unforgettable holiday. Their Tahiti memories will remain with them for a lifetime just like mine!  I sold different South Pacific Islands for many years but I absolutely love working for a company where I can specialise in selling just Tahiti as each itinerary is unique. Selling this destination day in and day out is just so rewarding… the only problem is I always want to get on the plane with my clients just to go back to Tahiti again!

Cassandra Nee - Tahiti Travel Specialist

Cass is known for her exuberance in talking about Tahiti! Her infectious chatter can be heard throughout the office as she happily shares her in depth knowledge of the resorts. Cass loves helping clients plan the finest details of their trip - she loves planning the dream! Cass embodies what Tahiti Travel Connection is all about – passion for our destination.

Why do you think Tahiti is such a unique destination? First of all I would have to say the lagoon - I have been to the Caribbean, Mauritius, Fiji and cruised around the Pacific Islands but I have to say that the mix of colours in the lagoon of the islands of Tahiti are completely different to anything else I have seen. I also love the French touch in their cuisine mixed with local produce like fresh fruits and seafood - there is a unique fusion to the food in Tahiti that it delicious!!! Mahi Mahi with Vanilla sauce - need I say more!

 What is your favourite island and why? That's a tough one because I love Moorea & Bora Bora so much! The lagoon at Bora Bora is just so amazing with its mix of colours but I also love the cultural feel of Moorea and the fantastic snorkelling from the overwater bungalows. If I really had to choose I will go with Moorea as I love the beautiful lush mountains and the many activities you can do on both land and in the lagoon. I might change my mind tomorrow though as they are all so amazing!

Describe a “wow” moment you have had in Tahiti. There are so many WOW moments but probably when a mother whale and her calf came right up by our boat whilst we were enjoying a lagoon tour in Moorea. I have never been that close to a whale before and it was amazing!!! Also the view of the lagoon whilst flying into Bora Bora – breathtaking!

Why do you love selling Tahiti?  I love selling Tahiti because it is such an amazing destination and I find it so easy to talk about all day! I just love it so much! Having visited all of the resorts on Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora I have complete confidence in the properties we sell which makes such a difference. My main problem is always wanting to go back to Tahiti! When you talk about such beautiful islands and resorts all day you can’t help but want to be there!

Lawsyn Russell - Tahiti Travel Specialist

Lawsyn is a Kiwi who recently made the move to Sydney after spending 2 years working in London and traveling around Europe. Before going to the UK she was selling South Pacific destinations in New Zealand – Tahiti being her favourite (obviously)!

Why do you think Tahiti is such a unique destination?  Tahiti has so much to offer – it is so much more than just a flop and drop destination. The landscape of each island is so different and you can explore each island in many different ways e.g. by quad bike, jet ski, 4WD, paddle board or on foot. The colour of the water is simply stunning; the different shades of blues and greens in the lagoon will take your breath away every day. Apart from the beautiful natural surroundings on offer, the cuisine in Tahiti is also fabulous. The mix of fresh Island food with a French influence does not disappoint. Tahiti really is paradise on earth!

 What is your favourite island and why? 

This is a tough one! I think ultimately Bora Bora is my favourite island because I l0ve relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun. The lagoon there is just so breath takingly beautiful it is hard to compare it to anything. In saying that – my dream holiday would be a visit to both Moorea and Bora Bora for the mix of activities and relaxation.

Describe a “wow” moment you have had in Tahiti.  I will always remember the view from the plane flying into to Bora Bora. It really is the most stunning coloured water I have ever seen. Seeing all the islands, the mainland and the resorts from above is an awesome experience that I will never forget. I also loved swimming with sharks and rays and paddle boarding on the lagoon in Bora Bora. 

Why do you love selling Tahiti?   It’s easy to sell something you love and are passionate about! I love talking to people about my experiences and recommendations and helping them plan the ideal holiday for them. 

Goran Dragicevic - Tahiti Travel Specialist

 Known for his unwavering love of French singer Mylène  Farmer, Goran also loves Tahiti! Whether it’s his underwater videos of snorkelling expeditions or his champagne selfies on the deck of his overwater bungalow, his joie de vivre in the islands is ever present. His “Oh you so have to do it” phrase can often be heard as he enthusiastically shares his first hand experiences with his clients!

Why do you think Tahiti is such a unique destination?  Having been to several other South Pacific Polynesian islands, it is hard not to see the similarities in culture, from the dancing, the music, the cuisine, the warm friendly nature of the locals, however, Tahiti takes this one step further, for me anyway, because it combines the rich heritage of the French, another passion of mine.  It is a melting pot of French and Polynesian culture set amongst the most beautiful Atolls and Volcanic Mountainous Islands which make up French Polynesia. Tahiti is so unique because it boasts such a variety of experiences and eco systems ranging from rainforests to shallow lagoons filled with the most spectacular sea life.  All in all, Tahiti is an experience to be savoured!

What is your favourite island and why?  My favourite island has to be Bora Bora.  I’m a bit of a romantic at heart so I do appreciate the beauty, and at times simplicity, of Bora Bora.  An idyllic lagoon, arguably the best in the world, with a majestic, soaring Mount Otemanu in the centre, inescapable to the eye…it genuinely reminds me of paradise.  I am yet to understand how there are at least 15 different shades of blue in the water, from aqua, teal, the deepest blues to the lightest whites. Nature at its best.  The first time I was on a catamaran to our resort I was left speechless.  Photos do not do Bora Bora justice!  I love the fact that the temperature of the water is so inviting and the sand so pristine and soft.  But what many might not know is that Bora Bora didn’t always have such a romantic history…During WWII, Bora Bora served as a US Base and the remnants of this history are still evident on the mainland of Bora Bora. It is a fascinating step back in time listening to the many diverse stories of that era whilst being ferried around the island on a traditional pirogue and viewing some of the memorial sites along the way from the lagoon.  In Bora Bora, time stands still!

Describe a “wow” moment you have had in Tahiti.   I never in my life thought I would be in Bora Bora 5 cm away from a huge black tip reef shark, yet there I was glaring into its eyes in the open lagoon whilst the other yellow butterfly fish and sting rays darted around us.  It is quite an inspiring moment to know you are sharing their home for a short while.  Being chased by a Picasso Triggerfish was not exactly inspiring but funny nonetheless.  There are just too many other WOW moments to discuss!  I want to share these experiences with everyone!

Why do you love selling Tahiti?   Tahiti has so much to offer! A destination with so many facets is hard to find.  Many people share the misconception that Tahiti is for the rich and famous, but I love breaking these myths when I help my clients out.  I love the fact that Tahiti offers such a variety of accommodation and experiences to suit any family, and budget, any taste and I will continue to stand by the fact that you don’t need millions to enjoy her beauty and islands. I love offering Tahiti to our clients because I can still remember the joy I felt when I first stepped foot there.  I was so proud to be a part of this culture, if only for a brief period, that I just have to get as many people there as I can so they can all be left breathless! 

Lea Granado - Product & Marketing Manager

Lea has grown up in Tahiti and can be heard enthusiastically assuring people that Tahiti doesn’t have to be expensive & that the brochure photos they see are not photo shopped – it actually looks even better in reality!

Why do you think Tahiti is such a unique destination?  As it is located far into the South Pacific. There is nowhere that offers travellers such an extraordinary experience enjoying crystal clear waters, blue open skies that go up forever, beautiful overwater bungalows and an amazing harmonious mix of French and Polynesian culture.

What is your favourite island and why?  I love Bora Bora as there is nowhere in the world like it! It is truly paradise and so extraordinarily beautiful. Sitting on an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora is an incredible experience; you literally have to pinch yourself.  Looking across the lagoon to Mount Otemanu, enjoying the breeze and loving the tropical heat brings on a real “WOW” feeling - amazing! I never knew there could be so many different shades of blue, from the colour of the sky to the deep and shallow waters.  Everyone should escape the rat race and stay a while in a place like heaven on earth.

Describe a “wow” moment you have had in Tahiti.  My favourite “wow” moment was doing the Shark & Ray Experience in Bora Bora (never ever did I think I would pat a ray or shark!)

Why do you love selling Tahiti?  I love selling Tahiti as it is such a beautiful place, second to none, and a destination that most people have on their “wish list” of places to visit. It not only sounds exotic, it is! I have been blessed to have travelled to Maldives, Cook Islands, Fiji but none of these places radiate a sophistication and casualness that Tahiti & Her Islands do with so much ease. It is truly beautiful, diverse, unique, welcoming and full of wonderful experiences both on land and in the water.

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