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Rurutu is the most northern island of the Austral Archipelago and flights from Tahiti to Rurutu take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Rurutu is known as the island of whales and you can observe these fascinating mammals from July to October, when they come to breed in the waters that surround the island. The island’s crystal clear waters and overwater observation platform attract photographers and visitors from all over the world wanting to capture the whales up close.

Rurutu has well preserved her ancient culture and it is alive and thriving today. The island is the hub of the art of weaving and the local women of the island have passed their know-how down through the generations. They weave plant fibres into hats, mats, baskets and many other wondrous articles.

Rurutu offers an amazing diversity of lush landscapes and its temperate tropical climate allows a variety of fruits & vegetables to thrive. The island even produces its own coffee!

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