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Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia and flights to Tahiti arrive into its international airport, Faa’a.
Papeete is the capital city and the commercial hub of French Polynesia. Papeete has a colourful market offering local food, hand-made crafts and souvenirs as well as a range of pearl shops, bars and restaurants.
There is so much more to Tahiti than Papeete – majestic valleys, rich archaeological sites, striking volcanic peaks and a stunning turquoise lagoon.
Tahiti is an island of hidden treasures!


  • Eat at the local food vans, Roulottes, located at the waterfront in downtown Papeete
  • Venture down the stunning west coast to Teahupoo and see “the wave”
  • Mix with the locals in the Paofai Gardens and watch the local Vaa’a canoeists training in the lagoon
  • Enjoy a sunset cocktail at the Pink Coconut bar at Marina Taina with gorgeous views across to Moorea
  • Take a hike in the Papeeno valley and discover hidden waterfalls and breathtaking views
  • Visit the museum of Tahiti and discover Polynesia’s mythical past
  • Hire a car and drive around the island – there’s only one road so you can’t get lost!
  • Visit Taravao plateau on the Presque Ile – called Little Normandy due to its unique microclimate
  • Wake up early to witness the locals selling their fresh fish and vegetables at the Papeete central market, then stick around to do some souvenir shopping of your own!
  • Browse the many Pearl shops of Papeete and find your own precious Tahitian Black Pearl

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