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Tuamotu Archipelago

Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotus is located in the eastern part of Tahiti and is composed of 78 atolls with one raised coral atoll, the Makatea, and a large number of coral reefs. The most visited atolls are Rangiroa, Tikehau and Fakarava. The black pearl farming is common in the lagoon, considered as one of the treasures of the archipelago.

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  1. Rangiroa


    350km north east of the island of Tahiti lis the largest atoll in French Polynesia, Rangiroa. It is the second largest atoll in the world with more than 240 motus in the lagoon and is so large you can fit the entire island of Tahiti in the middle of it! Rangiroa is not only blessed with divine beaches and a turquoise lagoon but it has a vibrant underwater world and is a mecca for the world’s divers.

  2. Tikehau


    Tikehau is located 300 km north east of the island of Tahiti and flights to Tikehau take just 55 minutes. The atoll is known for its unique pink coloured sand and is one of the most beautiful atolls in all of French Polynesia.

  3. Fakarava


    Fakarava is the second largest atoll in French Polynesia, is located 450 km from Tahiti and takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach by plane. Like her big sister, Rangiroa, this atoll is famous for its exceptional dive sites. Fakarava is a biosphere reserve of UNESCO and home to a diverse range of flora and fauna including rare crustaceans.

  4. Manihi


    Manihi is located 200km from Rangiroa and flights to Manihi take 1 hour and 40 minutes from the island of Tahiti. The oval shaped atoll is about 27km around and 8km across. The lagoon of Manihi is dotted with coral which attracts an amazing variety and abundance of fish!

  5. Makemo


    Makemo is a lost paradise in the Tuamotu Archipelago, situated 500km east of Tahiti. Diving with the tropical reef fish, having a picnic on one of the motus or relaxing in the turquoise lagoon are some of the activities you can enjoy on this fabulous atoll.

  6. Ahe


    Located between Rangiroa and Manihi, the Ahe atoll is the perfect destination for those that are looking for an authentic Polynesian experience. Flights to Ahe take 2 hours and 20 minutes from Tahiti, via Takaroa. Ahe has no hotels and just a few guest house pensions.

  7. Takapoto


    Takapoto is a small atoll in the Tuamotus measuring only 17 km in length and 6.4 km in width. It is located 560 km northeast of Tahiti. Floating in the sublime turquoise waters of Takapoto’s lagoon is a favourite pastime made easy by the lagoon’s high salinity …a perfect destination to do not much at all!

  8. Mataiva


    Located 310km north of the island of Tahiti lies the atoll of Mataiva. Mataiva is a natural marvel, located at the northwest end of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Mataiva is a natural aquarium and has a charming landscape of coconut palms and a dazzling blue lagoon.

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The Tuamotus comprise 78 sandy atolls over several hundred kms.It includes Rangiroa, the largest atoll and a mecca for scuba divers; Tikehau, with its stunning pink sand beaches; Manihi, famous for its pearl farms; Fakarava, an untouched paradise and Makemo, with its amazing dive passes. Takapoto, Ahe and Mataiva’s lagoon beauty is indescribable.

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