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Marquesas ArchipelagoMarquesas Archipelago

Marquesas Archipelago

The Marquesas Islands or the Land of Men or Enua Enata or Henua Enana are a group of volcanic islands with the peak of Mount Oave as the highest point. The Marquesas Islands represent the cradle of Ma’ohi (Polynesian) civilization. It is also one of the most remote group in the world, sitting aroud 852 miles from northeast of Tahiti.

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  1. Nuku Hiva

    Nuku Hiva

    Nuku Hiva is the largest of the six inhabited islands that form the Marquesas archipelago. It is situated 1400km from the island of Tahiti. Flights to Nuku Hiva take three and a half hours from Tahiti. The island is an abundance of majestic rocky shores, calm pristine bays, spectacular waterfalls, lush valleys and breathtaking basalt peaks.

  2. Hiva Oa

    Hiva Oa

    Located about 1,184 km northeast of Tahiti, flights to Hiva Oa take about 3 hours and 20 minutes from Tahiti. If you’re looking for wild, untamed landscape and breathtaking scenery with rich cultural and artistic heritage, Hiva Oa is definitively an island to visit.The island is famous for being the final resting place of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel

  3. Ua Pou

    Ua Pou

    Ua Pou is located about 50km south of Nuku Hiva and is renowned for her four high basalt pillars that reach above the surrounding mountains. Striking basalt peaks and lush deep valleys of acacia and mango trees make Ua Pou one of the most unique and enticing islands in the Marquesas.

  4. Ua Huka

    Ua Huka

    Ua Huka is located about 40km east of Nuku Hiva and is best known for the wild horses that roam her stark plateau landscape. The islands’ high mountain peaks allow stunning views out across the Pacific Ocean.

  5. Tahuata


    Tahuata is only accessible from Hiva Oa and is the smallest island in the Marquesas Archipelago. Tahuata is also the site of the first French settlement in the Marquesas in 1842.

  6. Fatu Hiva

    Fatu Hiva

    About 1400km from Tahiti you will find the remote island of Fatu Hiva. Fatu Hiva is an island of extremes. Cut off from the world, it is accessible only by boat and it is the wettest, the lushest, the most remote and the most untouched island in the Marquesas.

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The appeal of the Marquesas is its powerful landscape of cliffs, sharp peaks and deep valleys. You will discover archaeological sites, unforgettable dives and elements of Marquesan culture including tattoo, sculpture and handicrafts. Nuku Hiva, the Mythical Island is home to many archeological ruins. Hiva Oa offers 320km sq of striking mountains and majestic valleys where wild horses are in abundance. It is also the resting place of Paul Gauguin. Once visited, the islands of Tahuata, Ua Pou, Ua Huka and the isolated villages of Fatu Hiva will be forever etched in in your memory.

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