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Gambier ArchipelagoGambier Archipelago

Gambier Archipelago

The Gambiers Archipelago or Mangareva Islands were discovered in 1797 by the British captain James Wilson. Catholic missionaries were sent by the Vatican to prevent the Polynesians from the Protestant pastor’s influence. The islands are very rich in lush vegetation and fruit trees.

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  1. Mangareva


    Located more than 1700km east of Tahiti, the Gambier Archipelago is a little off the beaten tourist track but its rare atmosphere of history and mystery make the trip worthwhile. Mangareva is the farthest island from Tahiti and flights to Mangareva take 4 hours and 30 minutes, via Tureia.

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The Gambiers are located more than 1700km east of Tahiti and are remote, rugged and charming. Mangareva is the only inhabited island and produces the most beautiful pearls in all of Polynesia.

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