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Austral Archipelago

Austral Archipelago

The Australes Islands or Tuha'a Pae is composed of 5 principal high islands: Rurutu, Tubuai, Rimatara and Raivavae. The inhabitants are known for their fibre weaving skills producing beautiful hats, mats and bags. Two of the islands are still uninhabited, the Maria and the Marotiri Rocks.

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  1. Rurutu


    Rurutu is the most northern island of the Austral Archipelago and flights from Tahiti to Rurutu take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Rurutu is known as the island of whales and you can observe these fascinating mammals from July to October, when they come to breed in the waters that surround the island.

  2. Raivavae


    Raivavae is one of the most beautiful and natural spots in all of French Polynesia. Situated about 650km south of the island of Tahiti, flights to the island take around 2 hours. Raivavae is a postcard paradise of coconut palms, white sandy beaches and the most breathtaking, turquoise lagoon.

  3. Rimatara


    Charming and authentic, the island of Rimatara is an off the beaten track paradise and is located 665km south east of the island of Tahiti. The locals don’t see many tourists and so when you arrive you are welcomed as part of the family and you will be sure to have an authentic experience like no other island can offer.

  4. Tubuai


    Tucked away 640km from the island of Tahiti, and a 1 hour 40 minute flight, you will find the charming island of Tubuai. Tubuai’s lagoon is 5km long and due to the trade winds in the area, is the perfect place for kite surfing and windsurfing.

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More than 600km from Tahiti the remote and mysterious Austral archipelago is a haven of authentic Polynesian culture and tradition. It includes Rurutu, where the humpback whales come to breed; Tubuai, perfect for kite and windsurfing; the off the beaten track island of Rimatara, a hidden paradise; as well as the postcard paradise of Raivavae.

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