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Tahiti Blog

Tahiti Blog

  • Endless Shades of Blue and Eco-Luxury: The Brando

    It was in 1962 that Marlon Brando first fell in love with the breathtaking atoll of Tetiaroa. And so did we! That’s right, Tahiti Travel Connection have (sadly) just returned having tried and tested the super luxurious resort that is The Brando. What was once the Hollywood star’s private island closed to  the pu... Read More »


    Tahiti is so hot right now. Literally. And we wouldn’t be able to understand if it wasn’t on your destination wish-list before the end of the year. Obviously the perfect excuse to relax and be pampered, French Polynesia is also home to many exciting festivals and events that you shouldn’t miss. Check out what’s... Read More »

  • 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Tahiti

    Calm blue lagoons, white sand beaches, friendly people, swaying coconut trees and black pearl farms – French Polynesia is a paradise with amazing beauty. Here are 10 interesting things about Tahiti and Her Islands. 1 The word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian word “tatau”. Tattoo are considered signs of beaut... Read More »

  • Tips For Dining In Tahiti

    We all know that relaxing in an overwater bungalow with a sumptuous meal on hand is one of the best things in life everyone is dreaming of. Dining in Tahiti is an experience. Who does not want the view of blue lagoons, lush green mountains and truly delicious food? Breakfast buffets Many packages offer a buffet break... Read More »

  • Your Complete Guide to Heiva I Tahiti

    What it is Heiva is a Tahitian tradition that celebrates life. The word “hei” means to assemble while “va” means community places. It refers to various activities, pastimes, exercise and festivals. Dancing is the most common art form performed during the event. During this time, young male and female dancers b... Read More »

  • 5 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Trip to Tahiti

    We always know that Tahiti and her islands is one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world but for sure, it’s going to be a dream come true for those who saved and waited! If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks for a dinner or spa, here are a few tips to make your vacation in... Read More »

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