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Tikehau is only 15 kilometres from Rangiroa known for its oval form. Also called the Pink Island, it consists of white and pink islets covered in coconut groves and hidden alcoves. It’s a perfect place where you can enjoy a picture-perfect views of turquoise lagoon and little bays. Come and go for a stroll as you listen to the soft sound of the waves.

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  1. Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

    Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort | Located in Tikehau

    Upscale Comfort

    Situated in the Tuamotu archipelago, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is located on a pink sandy beach fringed with coconut trees.

    • Authentic Polynesian decor
    • Stunning lagoon location
    • Large Overwater Suites
  2. Pension Ninamu Resort Boutique Lodge

    Pension Ninamu Resort Boutique Lodge | Located in Tikehau

    Authentic Guesthouse

    Nestled between the lagoon and the ocean, this deluxe guest house has 6 bungalows made of coral walls & coconut palm roofs. Nautical devotees such as surfers, divers, kite surfers and fishermen will love this location and the pension is very well equiooed for all of these sports. The pension mainly runs with solar energy.

    • Small Guesthouse
  3. Pension Tikehau Fafarua Lodge Private Island

    Pension Tikehau Fafarua Lodge Private Island | Located in Tikehau

    Authentic Guesthouse

    Located South East of the atoll, half an hour far from the main village, Motu Fafarua offers a private villa. Surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches of white and pink coral sands the house is built in a style typical of the Tuamotus. Ideal for seekers of nautical sports away from civilisation, Fafarua Lodge will take you to the heart of a real Polynesian lifestyle...with a touch of comfort.

    • Small Guesthouse
  4. Pension Relais Royal Tikehau

    Pension Relais Royal Tikehau | Located in Tikehau

    Authentic Guesthouse

    Located on a private islet, not far from the main village, the Relais Royal Tikehau boasts a beautiful pink sand beach on lagoon side, the coral reef ocean side and a narrow channel at the entrance. The pension attracts lagoon sharks and colorful fish as they play in the current. The pension is a place where Polynesian life is in the spotlight: the local style bungalows, the meals of fresh fish, the warmth and festive atmosphere, the live music & dance every night ... good memories guaranteed!


    • Small Guesthouse
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